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PREFACON02® Fast drying binder

Fast drying hydraulic binder, special for flooring preparation. Low residual humidity of the flooring is achieved after few days.

Special hydraulic binder with synthetic organic-mineral modifiers. Convenient handling and on site installation. High mechanical resistance. No fissures or cracks.

According to standard UNE 56810, establishing the general conditions for supports to place wooden floor coatings (parquet), the humidity content of the flooring previous to placing the parquet will be under 2.5%. Using PREFACON02®, residual humidity of the flooring under 2% is achieved after 48 hours. Therefore, the work delivery periods are reduced.

Product particularly designed for:

  • Preparation of mortar for floorings with humid soil consistency.
  • Placement of: parquet, moquette carpet, linoleum, ceramic coatings, natural or artificial stone, etc.
  • Preparation of floorings with radiant heating.
  • On concrete or mortar supports.

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