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Mortero sin retracción

MASTEC® Non-retraction mortar PREFLUID®

Non-retraction mortar. Self-levelling. Excellent fluidity, no segregation. High mechanical resistance. Optimum durability.

Cement mortar based on hydraulic binders, aggregates with precise and selected grain size and chemical additives. In accordance with standard EN 1504-3 and the CE marking is defined as R4 and in accordance with standard EN 1504-6 as anchoring of reinforcing steel bar.


Product particularly designed to:

  • Anchoring machinery.
  • Anchoring of crane and gantry-crane rails.
  • Metal pillar base infilling.
  • Bolt attachment on walls.
  • Reinforcement and repair of concrete structures.
  • Beam support in bridges.
  • Concrete joining.
  • Assembly of prefabricated concrete structures.
  • Underpinning of foundations.
  • Fast bedplate repair.
  • Gap infilling.

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